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Product Qty Description When Available Frequency County Deliver Contact
 64  Agricultural residue: OTHER (please specify)  10 Tons  Hemp Husk, this material has been milled to almost powder consistency (fine)  ASAP  Monthly  Martin  YES Register
 65  Wood Waste: OTHER (please specify)  600 tons and producing 30 tons per day at present  3/8" wood pellets  Immediately  Continuously  Itasca  YES Register
 66  Agricultural residue: Oat Hulls  25 ton Truck loads  Oat Screening Pellets  YEARLY  Continuously  Mower  YES Register
 68  Wood Waste: OTHER (please specify)  3000 TONS A YEAR  WOOD MULCH DOUBLE GROUND THROUGH A 2 INCH SCREEN  ALL YEAR  Continuously  Clay  YES Register
 70  Wood Waste: Chips  500-600 green ton per day  Wood Chips - certified, paper-quality (2x2x1/2)hard & softwood for biofuel, pellets, paper production and more.  Call for info  Continuously  Aitkin  NO Register
 71  Wood Waste: Saw dust  Unlimited  Green sawdust for biofuel or dried to customers spec for bedding or pellet production.  Immediately  Continuously  Mille Lacs  YES Register
 72  Wood Waste: OTHER (please specify)    Chips, Sawdust, pellets (Hard wood-7%moisture-indoor storage)  Immediately  Continuously  Cass  YES Register
 73  Wood Waste: Chips    Biofuel, pellet production or mulch  Immediately  Continuously  Mille Lacs  YES Register
 74  Wood Waste: Saw dust  4 115yrd semi loads per week  Sawdust/chip/shaving mixture, mostly hard wood some particle board mix  April 15 2008  Continuously  Wright  YES Register
 75  Wood Waste: Chips  500-1000 yds  We are looking to Purchase wood chips and mulch  As soon as possible  Seasonally  Ramsey  YES Register
 76  Wood Waste: OTHER (please specify)  250,000 tons per year  any wood and wood waste for central Wisc electrical generation plant  need starting 1st qtr 09  Yearly  Hennepin  YES Register
 79  Agricultural residue: OTHER (please specify)    We are looking to purchase organic wastes including animal fats, brown & yellow grease, and other organics for digestion    Continuously  Hennepin  YES Register
 80  Wood Waste: OTHER (please specify)  Approximately 80 Tons Excess Currently Available.  Pine and Aspen Bark Residue Mixed With Branches, Sawdust and End-drops from Sizing Saws.  Monday - Saturday, 8am - 3pm  Monthly  Benton  NO Register
 83  Agricultural residue: OTHER (please specify)  2000 ton weekly  Digested manure,used for fuel in boimass plants,livestock bedding,fertilizer & composting  NOW  Continuously  Stearns  YES Register
 84  Wood Waste: Chips  100 yard , 22 ton trailers  Trucking of Biomass products Available    Continuously  Dakota  YES Register
 85  Wood Waste: Chips  100 yard , 22 ton trailers  Trucking of Biomass products Available  Anytime  Continuously  Dakota  YES Register
 87  Wood Waste: Chips  30,000 tons per month  We are a producer of both clean and fuel chips. We also produce ground material from logging slash  immediately  Continuously  Pine  YES Register
 88  Agricultural Crops: OTHER (please specify)  10 Tons  Used Horse bedding. (90% Wood / 10% Horse Maure)  Now  Continuously  Sherburne  YES Register
 46  Agricultural residue: Corn Stover  Three thousand (3,000) 1,250 pound round bales. Ha  Baled corn stover  Seasonal  Seasonally  Redwood  YES Register
 47  Agricultural residue: Corn Stover  Three thousand (3,000) 1,250 pound round bales -ha  Baled corn stover  Seasonally  Seasonally  Renville  YES Register
 48  Agricultural residue: Corn Stover  Three thousand (3,000) 1,250 pound round bales - h  Baled corn stover  Seasonally  Seasonally  Brown  YES Register
 51  Wood Waste: Pallet  Amount varies  52" X 44"    Continuously  Hennepin  NO Register
 52  Wood Waste: Pallet  80 pallets per month.  Variety of sizes. Most in good condition. Also 150 pound burlap bags available.    Continuously  St Louis  NO Register
 53  Wood Waste: Pallet  20-40 per week  Various sizes    Continuously  Ramsey  NO Register
 54  Wood Waste: Pallet  Amount varies  Various sizes. Good condition.    Continuously  Anoka  NO Register
 55  Wood Waste: Saw dust  semi load per month  92% wood waste, 8% plastic/glue    Continuously  St Louis  NO Register
 56  Agricultural residue: Malting byproducts  80-90 tons per week  Barley malting chaff  Immediately  Continuously  Clay  NO Register
 57  Wood Waste: OTHER (please specify)  amount varies  Wood scrap. Mostly particle board. Small pieces.    Continuously  Ramsey  NO Register
 58  Wood Waste: Saw dust  80 tons per week  saw dust    Continuously  Otter Tail  NO Register
 59  Wood Waste: OTHER (please specify)  30 cubic yards a week  Kiln Dried Hardwood maple cuttings. Wood is located in Fairfield, Iowa . We are currently looking into several disposal options, thus our quantities may change.  Immediately  Weekly  Aitkin  NO Register
 60  Wood Waste: OTHER (please specify)  50 ton daily  Bark/Chips/Sawdust  immediately  Continuously  Lake of the Woods  YES Register
 61  Wood Byproducts  100 ton per week  Wood Byproducts from countertop and furniture industry. Product is located in Anamosa, IA.  anytime  Weekly  Dakota  YES Register
 63  Wood Waste: Chips  85,000 Tons per m/o  Chips, Sawdust, both Hardwood and Softwood Available. There are other wood materials available as well. Any Location Welcome.  ASAP  Continuously  Jackson  YES Register
 90  Wood Waste: OTHER (please specify)  5,000 Tons per year  Looking for clean sawdust, pallets, lumber and woodfiber with moisture content under 20%. Transportation available  Anytime  Continuously  Mille Lacs  YES Register
 91  Wood Waste: Clean Construction Demo Waste  Walking Floor Trailer loads. By the ton or yd.  Mulched construction demo. Pallets, wood, lumber, etc. Clean through Roto-Chopper  Mid May, year round  Monthly  Wright  YES Register
 92  Wood Waste: Chips  5000 TONS/WEEKLY  We can provide fuel chips or grindings to any spec required.  IMMEDIATELY  Continuously  Pine  YES Register
 93  Wood Waste: Chips  25 ton loads  Dried wood chips or dried wood shavings great for animal bedding or biomass burners  anytime  Continuously  Scott  YES Register
 94  Wood Waste: Chips  500 tons per week  Processed from logging residue moisture content varies  Continuously  Continuously  Cass  YES Register
 95  Agricultural residue: Straw  20 ton per week  Sanding dust from a wheat board plant  December 2009  Weekly  Blue Earth  YES Register
 96  Wood Waste: Pallet  1000 pallets equals a truckload. Approx. 1-2 truck  Presswood pallets available for grinding into boiler fuel or animal bedding. pallets stored inside and clean.  Now  Monthly  Carver  NO Register
 97  Wood Waste: Saw dust  22 Ton Per Day  Clean Birch / Basswood / Aspen / Oak 27-32% MC  Immediately  Continuously  Aitkin  YES Register
 98  Wood Waste: Chips  42 Ton Daily  Double Ground Mulch / Boiler Fuel  Immediately  Continuously  Aitkin  YES Register
 99  Wood Waste: OTHER (please specify)  20 tons a day  Able to supply wood waste    Weekly  Aitkin  YES Register
 100  Wood Waste: Chips  500 TONS PER DAY  WHOLE TREE CHIPS  A.S.A.P  Continuously  Hennepin  YES Register
 101  Agricultural residue: Corn Stover  up to 1000 ton  Whole cobs 25-30% moisture  Anytime  One-Time  Swift  YES Register


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