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About Us

Who are we?

The Minnesota Biomass Exchange site is a collaborative effort between the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERT), the Minnesota Department of Commerce, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the University of Minnesota and the Green Institute. These organizations share the goal of efficiently connecting biomass consumers and producers in an effort to increase the use of renewable resources for energy in Minnesota.

The Clean Energy Resource Team project is your opportunity to play a role in crafting an energy plan for your region of Minnesota. A growing number of Minnesotans envision an energy future built on using energy wisely and generating energy from local renewable resources like wind, solar, biomass, and even hydrogen from renewable sources. By relying more on community-scale renewable energy resources and energy conservation, communities can help prevent pollution and create local economic development opportunities.

Who Is Behind This Effort?

What Are CERTs Teams Doing?

There are CERTs teams in each of six regions in Greater Minnesota. The teams include people from communities, industry, utilities, colleges, universities and local governments. CERTs is matching the teams with technical expertise to accelerate implementation of energy saving and renewable energy projects. The technical resources are helping the teams identify and prioritize the most appropriate and cost-effective opportunities within their region. For more information, visit www.cleanenergyresourceteams.org

The Minnesota Department of Commerce State Energy Office manages many U.S. Department of Energy programs, including State Energy Program, Building America, Clean Cities, Industries of the Future, Million Solar Roofs Initiative, Rebuild America, and Windpowering America, as well as working with Minnesota stakeholders to develop innovative programs and policies designed to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency, such as the Clean Energy Resource Teams. Minnesota Department of Commerce State Energy Office